Self Improvement is a pretty broad niche. Most of the new bloggers fail miserably to monetize this niche. But does that means it is not possible to monetize it? Is this niche has no audience?

The answer is no. In this online world, you can monetize everything. Russell Brunson sold a potato gun to prove this (Lol). If he can sell potato guns, so there is no way you cannot build a business on a personal development niche.

But why do most people fail to do so? Why they are unable to excel in this niche. Let's dive deeper to know this better. Also, I will tell you how to monetize your self-development niche the right way.

What is personal development niche blog?

It is a broad term used for all the topics that include self-improvement as an outcome. Self-improvement can be anything, improving self-esteem, self-confidence, spirituality etc.

We all can improve ourselves and become a better version of our past selves. Some are better than others in improving themselves. Hence they decide to help others in their journey of becoming better. However, most of them are not successful in conveying their message to their audience.

Why bloggers fail to cater this niche audience?

Why blog fail?

Have you put an image on your home page of a girl opening arms to sunrise? Do you write a lot of motivational stuff like quotes and paragraphs pumping up your readers to wake up and achieve something? Are you hiding behind the curtains and not interacting with your audience or in a video?

This approach is not the right way to address your audience.

Not addressing a concrete problem is the first mistake that bloggers do. If you go round and round talking about feeling good and motivated, no one will understand your point. Unless you are addressing a concrete problem that people face, no one will read and subscribe to your blog.

Not understanding your audience and their pain points is the first road block where all self-development niche bloggers fail. It is difficult to keep them engaged if you don't know their problem.

However, in this niche, people are unaware of the problem they are facing. They don't know what they want. For example, in the fitness niche, a person wants to lose weight or build muscles. Hence you can easily design a weight loss formula for your audience. In the same way, make a muscle building diet and exercises routine for your audience.

But, in this niche, there is no concrete outcome that people desire. They are unaware of the problem. Most of them visit blogs for a feel-good feeling and not on a dedicated follower basis.

So here we can outline the problems with bloggers:

  • Not addressing a concrete problem in your blog.
  • Hiding behind the curtains and not interacting with the audience.
  • Addressing a group of people who don't have an idea what their problem is.
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Why you are not making money in self development niche?

You know, what is the problem with self-development niche blogs. But why these niche blogs are unable to monetize.

The first is the self-development is a way too broad niche. People always search for problems in search engines. They won't search to become happier or to be motivated.

They will search for real problems. Some example search phrases look like:

  • How to become emotionally intelligent?
  • How to increase self-esteem?
  • How to become a fearless public speaker?
  • How to teach self-love to kids?

These are the concrete problems that people search for. If you are not answering the questions that people ask, chances are you won't make your blog a business.

Your customers are problem unaware hence you need to create awareness of their problem. When they are fully aware of the problem they are facing, they will require a solution. That's when you and your product come into the picture.  

Second thing is, there is not enough personal branding in your blog. No concrete about me page, no backstory of improving yourself, can be a bit turn off. If you are in this niche, you need to be as open as possible. You need a large dedicated audience that is ready to buy from you whatever you throw at them.

This is only possible when you interact with them, understand their struggles, care for them genuinely and design solutions for them.

Monetizing self improvement niche

In this section I will outline how to monetize self improvement niche the right way. We will discuss some successful money making strategies, sub niche ideas in personal development, Importance of personal branding and how to find customers and followers in this niche.

How does personal development niche make money?

As discussed, there should be a concrete problem with a defined solution for a business. Once you define it, you make your audience an offer.

Small product for make money blogging

Tripwire Digital Products

It is a small product that you offer to your new subscribers. They said yes to your freebie and are not sure to make a big commitment right away. Hence a small tripwire product is essential for them. To know in detail I wrote a separate post on How to make Tripwire Digital Products and freebies that converts. 

Books for make money blogging


Publishing books are the best way to materialize your knowledge. You can start from e-books and then publish a hardcover book as you build your audience. Books are cheaper than courses and provide the best return on investment. They are easier to make than an online course.

 Video courses for making money from blog

Video Courses

They are a famous form of monetizing your knowledge in a sub-niche. Once you define a concrete problem, make a video course to solve it. It should guide them towards the solution to their problem.

Branding for make money blogging

Brand Merchandise

When enough people know you, you can launch your merchandise like T-shirts, mugs containing motivational quotes and brand messages. They are low cost offerings that can add value to your business. Also they can be used as first offering to your subscribers when they are not ready to buy a big product.

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Personal development Blog ideas

Blog ideas

There are many sub-niches in personal development that you can target. But before selecting sub-niches, always have a customer avatar in your mind. Ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Who do I want to help through my blog? 
  2. What problem my ideal customer is facing?
  3. How can I add value to his life?
  4. How can I resolve my audience pain points?

Once you have the answers to these questions, your sub-niches can be defined easily. 

Also, don't feel restricted to a particular sub-niche. Starting from one then you can branch out to more when you start growing. In this niche, too much niche-down means you are leaving money on the table. 

Once you have a dedicated following and your audience trusts you, you can branch out in other sub-niches as well. 

15 Profitable Personal Development sub-niches ideas


This defines everything that comes under spiritual connect with yourself and others. It helps to dive deeper inside one's consciousness.

Emotional intelligence

This covers being intelligent enough to understand other's point of view and emotions and have a feeling of empathy towards all.

Confidence boosting

This is popular as everyone needs self confidence to prosper in life. Whether it is a job, or business or any stage performance, confidence is required.

Mental Health

This is wider topic that people are addressing. Mental health is as important as physical well being and more people are paying attention to it. 

Stress/Anger Management

In corporate World, Stress and Anger are quite common now. There is hardly anyone that hasn't face stress in their lives.

Public speaking skills

Public speaking is in demand and people do online courses to improve their audience addressing capabilities.

Habits Development

Habits make a human driven to do things subconsciously. Hence developing good habits and leaving bad habits is important for people.

Time Management

Needless to say this is one of the most important life skill everyone wants to have. If you can teach others time management, then you are solving a big problem.

Conquering Fear

Most of the good/bad decisions are driven by fear. This is the emotion everyone wants to conquer and everyone has in there. You can help people in conquering fear.


Meditation is popular form of relieving stress and anxiety. Also meditation comes in different forms. If you are good in it, you can choose this as your niche.

Positive Thinking

In this fast pace life, positive thinking and approach to life is required. Many seek positivity in their lives and want to wipe off negativity.


Everyone seeks happiness in their lives but it is difficult to find it. You can help others to seek happiness.

Minimalistic Lifestyle

Owning minimal things leads to improving productivity by getting trash out of your lives. It involves giving up extra things you own which are not used.

Personality Improvement

A good personality is a requirement in every field. Everyone wants a good personality. If you can improve someone's personality, it is a good niche.

Self Love

The concept of Self love is unknown to many and they want to develop it in them. If you can help people realizing their worth, it will be helpful for you to blog and them to follow you.

Importance of personal branding

Personal Branding

Branding yourself is inevitable in this niche. Just think why will anyone listen to you if they don't know you. If you are uncomfortable branding yourself and not sharing your backstory, you should think of your niche again.

Take from all influencers in this niche. Their personality shines through their words and their story.

Their story has an emotional and inspiring effect on their audience. Now don't lie just for the sake of a story similar to an influencer. Quote the real story that makes you better than others. You don't need to be an expert, just a few steps forward from your audience.

Tony Robbins can make their audience buy anything from him because he has excellent personal branding. People follow him because they relate to his story.

Have a good About me page for an impact on your audience. They will first see who you are. They want to know your back story. They want to know your journey and how you are the perfect person to solve their problems.

How to increase your customers and followers in this niche?

Start small

Start from small sub-niche

Do not become too broad in your initial stage. Start from a sub-niche so that audience can relate to your content. You can later on transition on more topics, but not while starting. Initial blog posts, video and content should be highly focused.

Reply to comments

Reply to comments and feedback from your audience

Always reply to your audience queries and feedback. In this niche, it is important to have a personal connect with your audience. That is possible, when you reply to their comments and feedback. Also try to solve their problem if anyone ask you to do so.

Personal Branding

Communicate with a consistent Personality that is relatable

More audience relate to your personality and story, more they will follow you. This depends on what kind of personality you assume in front of them. This personality should relate to your real personality as well. When people relate to your story, only then they follow you.

Video Content

Make more video content

Video content is best way to make an impact on your audience. They will know you and your personality better if you communicate with a video form of content. Go live often with your audience, for better engagement and good fan following.


Some people find it difficult to inspire others because they are not enough confident about themselves. Bring that confidence and start building your blog in this niche. Have a defined audience with clear outcome in mind.

Final things to focus on self development blog niche 

  • Focus on concrete problem of your audience Define a concrete problem of your audience. Something that can be explained and quantified. Ask yourself, "What is the specific problem my audience is facing?". Until your problem is well defined, do not take next steps.
  • Focus on personal branding We analyzed that personal branding and one to one communication with audience plays an important role in this niche. Hence include personal branding and your story in your blog.
  • Focus on the delivering specific solution Your solution to your audience pain points should be extremely specific. It should not be broad and difficult to understand. Have a clear outcome in your mind for them. Think of a transformation from their present state (in worry) to future state(free of problem.)
  • Build a robust Monetization Model We discussed why it is necessary to build a monetization model for your blog. Just writing a blog post won't make you money. You should have a plan to monetize your blog.

Kriti is helping beginners Solopreneurs & bloggers to setup their blogging business. From testing their business idea to implementing it step by step to build a strong foundation of their blogging business setup.

  • I have been thinking of starting a blog in self improvement niche and was devastated fir not having a guidence. This blog post has given so many ideas right away. Learned alot. Thanks Kriti. 😇

  • We are currently exploring niches and seeing about specalising in our blog, so this is a really helpful and useful read. Thank you for breaking everything down so it is easy to understand!

  • I will have to put some of these strategies into use for my blog. Very useful information! It is definitely useful to have this knowledge for blogging.

  • There are quite a few key takeaways here for lots of bloggers who are struggling to connect with their audience in an authentic way which I think is one of the hardest aspects to social media. Great insights…thank you for sharing!

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