Email marketing is a vital part of the blogging business strategy.........

You want to (and you should) do it from your day of launch..........

However, it is hell expensive.

If you are a new blogger, it is hard to monetize in the first few months. 

Paying these costs without any return........

Here comes the paradox. If you don't incorporate email marketing, you are left behind. But if you do, it is a big hole in your pocket.

Third-Party Email marketing providers penalize for having more subscribers.

It's like paying a premium on your successful customer acquisition..........

And it is difficult to leave a Email provider because it becomes difficult to transfer funnels and automation to the other provider..........

FluentCRM: Cheap Email Marketing

In this post, I will tell you a complete Customer relationship management tool that you can install inside your WordPress website.

Don't worry, it won't slow down your website.

Here's FluentCRM.

So if you want to save loads of money on Email marketing without compromising on the quality of services, and do not want to get penalized for increasing subscribers, then this post is for you.

Trust me, it is the best email marketing software you can have for your business as a new bie as well as an experienced blogger.

FluentCRM - Budget Email Marketing


FluentCRM is a WordPress Plugin, which can manage your email marketing very effectively, from inside WordPress. It is complete CRM tool which manages your customer relationship effectively.

What CRM means?

A CRM is a complete system business uses for their customer's relationship management.

A good business cares for its customers. Hence, CRM becomes a vital part of customer and subscribers management. 

Even if you have a small business, if a good CRM is available at cheap costs, you should consider investing in it. It will make your business audience-centric.

Now if you are planning to monetize your blog (unless it is B2B business), you should invest in CRM. Email marketing is a subpart of CRM. The whole blogging world usually focuses on Email marketing.

But they forgot that if email marketing is coupled with CRM, it becomes a powerful Sales machine. Once you set up this system, it keeps on generating sales and income, depending on your subscribers and customer behaviour.

FluentCRM is not only an Email marketing tool, it is a full-fledged CRM system that can run your marketing automation fluently.

Is FluentCRM free?

FluentCRM has a free version without some of the Pro features. The base plugin is free of cost. You have to buy the license for certain Pro features.

For starters, the Free version could work. But since it is not that expensive and the Pro feature has WooCommerce and Conditionals, It's better to buy a license with a nominal amount.

Like the other third-party Email marketers, the Pro version doesn't come with subscribers and Email caps. You can have 100 subscribers and even 100000 subscribers with the same pro license without any price increase. Cool, isn't it?

fluentcrm Free vs Pro

Can FluentCRM replace Mailchimp, ConvertKit and other 3rd Party Solutions?

Absolutely. I have used third-party Email providers like GetResponse, Aweber, and Convertkit. Nowhere are they near FluentCRM. 

Why am I telling this?

Let's compare both the options

FluentCRM Vs. Other 3rd Party Tools 

  • The Third-party providers are hell expensive. Initially, they are free. As you grow, they start to make a hole in your pockets by charging with the number of subscribers. For example, Convertkit costs $348 for a year with a limit of 300 subscribers. If you have 1000 subscribers, you will pay $708 per year for using their full features. FluentCRM costs just $129 for a single year license, with no cap on number of subscribers. 
  • Integration is a bit problem with third-party solutions. ConvertKit offers Embedded forms along with Automations, which I consider a hassle. It becomes challenging to keep track of Forms and conversions with it. Hence I use Thrive Leads to know which lead magnets are working and integrate it with FluentCRM. If you don't use Thrive Leads, you can use Fluent Forms.
  • Third-Party solutions slowly increase dependence of your business. I would never want to depend on any third-party tool. They can charge you as much as they want since you are entirely dependent on them. Also, they will have your data, automation, users, and their behavior. If you use a third-party email provider, make sure you have proper backups of your data and automation.
  • The Third-party providers are easier to set up. They are relatively easier to set up. Since FluentCRM is a complete email marketing CRM, it does not deliver emails by itself. You have to set up a transaction email delivery system like Amazon SES. I won't say it is a shortcoming because you need not do that again once set up. Most of these transaction services offer free emails. Amazon SES charges $0 for the 62,000 emails you send each month and $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send after that. 62K is quite a significant number. Even if you send these many emails, it charges in cents after that.
  • Interface is beautiful than FluentCRM. ConvertKit interface is beautiful. The FluentCRM interface is easy to follow for beginners without any complications. Well, if beauty matters, you can go for the other with more dollars.

It isn't easy to switch Email marketing providers. All your Marketing Automations, which are triggered by different forms inside your website (provided by Email marketing providers), imagine if you scale and then change them. 

Hence don't fall prey to the Free email marketing tier they offer. They know you will stay for long once a customer because of all the dependence. 

Be absolute sure why would you want a Third party solution, when you can have it all inside your WordPress. 

FluentCRM set up is one time investment. Once set up properly, it will work like a charm inside your WordPress. No daily hassle of integrations and CRM data collection.

FluentCRM Integrations

fluentcrm integrations
fluentcrm integrations
fluentcrm integrations

FluentCRM comes with integrations with different WordPress plugins that are essential for your business.

It integrates smoothly with LearnDash, Thrive Apprentice, LifterLMS, TutorLMS, LearnPress etc for your online courses and students.

It integrates with major Page builders too like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Oxygen Builder, Divi and Beaver Builder.

Freebies and opt-ins are very important for your business. This is how you acquire and nurture a loyal fanbase for your blog.

I use Thrive Themes for my website and it works smoothly with it. I use Thrive Leads for lead generation and connect it directly to FluentCRM through API integration. There is no additional add on plugin required for integration as of now. 

It is very convenient to work within WordPress for writing your blog posts, write emails, setting up lead magnets and freebies and directly connect it with FluentCRM.

FluentCRM Cost

fluentcrm cost

FluentCRM comes with best price for your business. The best part? It will never charge you for increasing subscribers and expanding your reach. Even with low number of subscribers, other email marketing services costs anything above $300+ for a year (not including the number of subscribers). 

However, like any WordPress plugin, you can choose not to renew your membership and still continue to use the features of current version. But it is not recommended as you won't get any further updates and it is not good for your site security.

It is it's budget friendly price and not charging a fee on our success(our subscribers growth) that I am using this plugin. 

If you also want same at this competitive price, go on grab your 1 year license now by clicking below.

How do you use FluentCRM

It is fairly simple. It is like any other plugin you use for WordPress. And don't worry, It won't slow down your website.

How do I install FluentCRM?

Follow these steps to get FluentCRM for free:

Step 1: Install two plugins FluentSMTP and CRM Plugin

Go to plugins section and install these two Plugins. You can find these on top by searching "FluentCRM" on search bar.

Step 2: Activate both plugins

Activate these two plugins instantly and start setting them for further use.

Step 3: Set up FluentSMTP with Amazon SES (or any SMTP service of your choice)

Set up SMTP service for delivery of your emails from FluentCRM. There are different Transactional Email services available now. I choose Amazon SES service as they are reliable in delivering Emails with cheaper rates. 

First 62,000 emails per month are free, rest they charge $0.10 per month for every 1000 emails after 62K emails. Right now, I am under free email quota. When I will grow with my email list, even then my emails charge will be in cents.

Step 5: Test whether the emails are delivering or not.
Fluentcrm SMTP connection

After setting up your SMTP service with your choice, test whether SMTP service is working or not. Go to Email Test and send a Test Email to your account.

Email Marketing Automation

Automation are important part of your email marketing campaigns. If you are a newbie, maybe you are not using them. But for business owners who are making money with their Email lists, they are important. Let us know how Automations work in FluentCRM.

fluentcrm email automations

This is how we set up a email automation sequence in FluentCRM. You can see, there are different conditionals and events on which this automation can be triggered.

fluentcrm triggers
fluentcrm triggers

Next when creating automation it comes with different options to trigger your automation.


Since it is a WordPress Plugin, It comes with different triggers and actions unique to WordPress only. We can use this if we want to include subscribers and buyers in WP roles.

With these options with you, you can setup any type of marketing automation right inside your WordPress.


I highly recommend you to use FluentCRM for your business.

If you have already established business, go for Pro version.

If you are newbie and just want to send Newsletter and emails to your audience without any sequences, then go for Free plugin.

It's worth every penny. You spend less and get much more than its 3rd party competitors.

Kriti is helping beginners Solopreneurs & bloggers to setup their blogging business. From testing their business idea to implementing it step by step to build a strong foundation of their blogging business setup.

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