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Lovely family

Hi, I am Kriti Dutta

I am Data Scientist by profession. My day to day life includes crunching numbers and making software solutions for business to generate profits. Not only this, I identify profit maximizer for businesses by making several machine learning and deep learning models.

When we excel in our careers and relationships, there is nothing that is left to achieve afterwards. 

I love my job and what I do and I am pretty good at it. My job helped me to understand business in depth and how they function. The more I designed solutions for my clients, more intrigued I was with the power that a self running business have. 

Hence I started this blog to teach how online business functions. I am on a journey to discover secrets and processes to make online blogging business function. I believe, the power that writing gives us to affect others life, is immense. The digital transformation has changed thousands of life. It can change yours too.

Writing a blog and building a business on top of it is the best bet for working women. Especially when you don't want to quit your job. It gives you ample flexibility to manage your business anytime anywhere, that too without any team.  

My Foundational Beliefs

  • I believe that girls can build an online business along with our day jobs with proper time management.
  • I believe it is not hard to start a blogging business that generates money on autopilot.
  • I believe you do not need to be expert in any field to start your online venture.
  • I believe every girl should start a business regardless of what she is doing now to gain complete independence.
  • I believe that our journey is more important than being a master of any field. Mastery comes as a by product.