I Help Female Entrepreneurs to start their blogging business alongside their day job with tight schedules.

Start your online business now on tight schedule alongside your day job with good foundation.

Kriti Dutta

Building a business is hard, specially with a day job. Follow me on my journey to build a blog from scratch and learn from my mistakes.

Why it is important to have a Business Plan in Blogging?

Just blogging about anything won't make you money.  You must have a proper business plan even before you think of starting your blog. It is your plan of Monetization and Strategy that will decide your success in your Online Business Setup.

It becomes harder when you are working on a 9-5 job. I get it. I am also a working woman, but I am passionate about my side business. Come, Join me in my journey of growing  and learn how to actually build a Profitable Business(Blog) without overwhelm.  

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Start online business

Start your online side business with me on tight schedule. Launch your blog in 8 weeks starting from scratch. 

Tools to build a blog

Honest guide and analysis of important tools require to build a blog on budget to jumpstart your blogging business.

Time management

One of the least available resource for females with day job. Manage your time to build online business with your job.


Kriti helped me not only identifying my talent regarding Graphic design, she also gave me a business plan on how I can monetize my talent. I am just starting my journey with her.



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About Kriti Dutta

Kriti is Data Scientist by profession. She is observant of numbers and knows how they work in business. She has helped her clients on her job by crunching numbers and generated profits with the help of data.

She is applying the same principles of data crunching on her blog. She is on a journey to help other females like her own a business and make it profitable.

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